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Buying center in business to business

October 6, 2010

Buying center. When selling to companies the first question is who has the decision to buy? Is it one person or a group? When selling to a group we call it buying center.What is a buying center and how it works?
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Marketing consulting

August 30, 2010

Strong, developing companies and companies with major problems, too needs the services of marketing support from highly prepared and experienced specialists. The major role of a marketing consultant is to use his specific knowledge developing his customers' business
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Are You Interested in Marketing to Professionals?

Professionals need help with marketing themselves – and YOU can be the one to help them!
Of course professionals are human, like everyone else. But there are many things you should know about their major needs, their greatest fears, and their big dreams.

So you can craft a more powerful message that addresses these strong emotional elements.
When you touch the emotions, you make the connection – an authentic connection that really builds the know-you-like-you-trust-you relationship.
Secrets you’ll learn in the home-study course:
•Why this is the perfect time for marketing to professionals
•5 things more important than money to professionals
•Marketing techniques and offers that professionals won’t respond to
•What professionals fear the most, and how you can help them get unstuck
•Quick ways to connect with the professional mindset
•Offline marketing strategies
•How to locate professional audiences

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